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Brainstorm Haze

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Brainstorm Haze

Strain Name: Brainstorm Haze

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa: 90%; Indica: 10%, Haze

Looks: Dense, Dark Green Leaves w/ A Hint of Purple, Decent Amount Of Red Hairs, Frosty And Sticky

Smell: Fruity

Taste: Sweet And Fruity w/ A Bit Of A Earthy Taste Too It.

Effects: Packed A .5 And I Was Pretty Uplifted. Extremely Relaxed

Potency: Lasted A Good 3 Hours

Reviewed by: Randy (Skill)

Good Strain For: (Severe)Insomnia, Depression, Appetite, P.D(Parkinson’s Disease),Schizophrenia

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4 Responses to “Brainstorm Haze”

  1. ilani says:

    Please note the developer of this strain
    Delta 9 states Brainstorm Haze is:
    90% Sativa 10% Indica
    NOT 10% Sativa 90% Indica

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  2. Alex says:

    WHO THE FUCK WROTE THIS? You tagged it as good for Parkinson’s. shut the fvck up. You obviously don’t even know what strains are good for what disorder. Jesus Christ, you’re just a hack.

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  3. Alex says:

    Oh, it’s from New Jersey. You guys should probably come to San Francisco and get some growing tips.

    Also, it is not a 90% sativa strain. Genetically, it is northern lights #5 x haze. NL #5 is an indica, haze is a sativa, so that makes a hybrid. Even by your own description, there’s a body relaxation, which is rarely, if ever, found in a sativa.

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  4. Alex says:

    What an atrocious visual example of a spectacular strain! Why post a photo of what looks like bammer and call it medical? I’d be embarrassed to sell that at my dispensary. Thank god for people who actually know how to grow.

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