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Blue Cheese

Strain Name: Blue Cheese

From: Purple Lotus Patient Center

Grade: High

Type: Sativa

Looks: Frosty, well cured

Smell:Interesting smell, not like cheese, but skunky

Taste: very tasty, no bad aftertaste.

Effects: Smooth smoke, hits you hard and fast. Very euphoric and uplifting, but doesn’t make your heart beat fast like some sativas do. This is a good choice for a focused and relaxing sativa.

Potency: High

Reviewed by: Layla N

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8 Responses to “Bluecheese”

  1. calkings says:

    @sirsmoketodamnmuch you probably had some bunk cheese or some hydro that wasnt flushed properly. This strain is top notch and ranks among og kush in my opinion. Super relaxed and euphoric buzz with an amazing after taste.

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  2. sirsmoketodamnmuch says:

    Got a 8th of dis blue cheese now funny smell u can smell a lil cheese the high creeps up on u but I dnt like dis strain to tough I love all weed but I’m not a fan of this it dnt hit hard enough for me its to smooth I need that choke suppose to pick up a little bit of lemon haze tomar just becuz but yeah I stay lifted dnt kno what all y’all other peoples doing it but I smokes good and no dispensaries I’m in dc dey bullshittin on us but it is big loud pack on da st best weed to me is sour diesal and chronic the fruity chronic whooooo

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  3. Layla N. says:

    Got another round of this great indica. Love it each time :)

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  4. Jesse says:

    smokein some now and its awesome

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  5. mj says:

    All of the blue cheese Ive ever had has been indica, and its one of my many favorites…

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  6. random english man says:

    well said mate check out the post i left on ssh review a moment ago. these inbreads have a smaller gene pool than us. its not there fault they think they are a fountain of knowledge. you see mental retardation is an illness so as mister T said, i pitty the fool, i do i do. SUCKA !

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  7. Layla N. says:

    Listen son, you didn’t smoke it and you didn’t talk to the guy that grew it. This BlueCheese is a Blue Dream cross not a Blueberry cross. Know the facts before you call me “chick”.

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    thatmedical420 Reply:

    Blue cheese is actually a hybryd. Itll break down somewhat like 20%sativa and 80% indica. But indica deffinetly takes over. Bit still in a comment below u call it an indica. So make up ur mind

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