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Bluecheese Medical Marijuana

Strain Name: Bluecheese (pheno A – heavy cheese)

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Darker blueish color with unique pistol style buds. Rasberry colored hairs. Extremely sticky.

Smell: When the jar is cracked it smells like blue cheese or similar to the craft mac & cheese mix and spices and a hint of dill and exxon fuel. When it is ground up it smells of pungent blueberry rotten fruit with a hint of exxon fuel. Has a unique reek to it. ;)

Taste: Lavender vanilla over tones with a hint of blueberry, a hint of spice and dill skunk. No cheese taste. Taste amazing and unique. Very smooth. Aftertaste reminds me of an old musty basement.

Effects: Day time use. Powerful clear euphoric. Great for getting stuff done. Very anti-anxiety without couch lock haze. Great energetic feelings without a hard come down. Great medical strain for the morning or early afternoon something that packs a punch without the daze or ripped effect.

Potency: Medium

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Barneys Bluecheese Marijuana

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2 Responses to “Bluecheese”

  1. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    Had this stuff last summer it was ok just came bck to my city im thinkin about getting a half oz when i get off : )

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  2. bob says:

    This is some killer stuff it really put me on my ass and made every thing blur together i tried driving to a friends house and the stop light were just one big blob defintly dont drive with this stuff it also made me feel like i was melting i will defintly be buying more of this stuff.

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