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Blue God

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Blue God

Strain Name: Blue God

Grade: A+

Type: 99.8% Indica

Looks: Heavy Blue And Purple Hue’s

Smell: High Sensation Of Blueberries And Banana’s.

Taste: Blueberry/Banana’s

Effects: Sense Of Being On “Cloud 9 As They Say

Medical Uses: Multiple sclerosis, insomnia, chronic pain, eating disorders, nausea.

Potency: Extremely High

Reviewed by: StonerCentral

Good Strain For: Cancer Patient

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30 Responses to “Blue God”

  1. Agerinmo says:

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  2. happybud says:


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  3. happybud says:

    As far as the many colors of marijuana. I here people say all kinds of crazy when it come to the colors of our flowers. We grow them all the basically the same. And NEVER have we ever done anything other than work with genetics.
    Anyone that has seen our Purple Night Shade grow knows that this is 100% genetics
    I have seen lighting change the tint of a picture. I’m not a good enough photographer to mess with it. I let the genetics do all the work for me.

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  4. RealInfoOn4202013 says:

    Also, if you are looking for strains of a deep blue color, look for Blueberry, Bubble Berry and Blue Cheese. Bubble Berry however, can be a purplish/blue.
    If you want the Purple weeds, look for Grape Stomper, Kali Mist (which can also have a rainbow color to it) Purple Haze, Purple Kush or Purple Diesel.
    However, not all “Purple” named weeds will be purple, such as Purple Erkle or Purple Snow. Same for “Blue” named weeds, example: Blue Dream. =)

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  5. RealInfoOn4202013 says:

    Sorry for any misspellings or typos.
    *ate* not *at*
    *I have worked* not *I worked*
    And any others I may not have caught!

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  6. RealInfoOn4202013 says:

    Okay, so, I am reading some of the comments on here and I just wanted to put my piece in and give some people advice and correct the very UNTRUE statements. I live in Denver, CO, I work at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary and have had the opportunity to learn A LOT about the industry & the medicine it self. I worked in the industry for a short 3 months but have grown my own for the past 7 years and have smoked for the past 10 years of my life. So, I am well aware of HOW marijuana works, what it’s used for and it’s side effects.
    As for the people who have the paranoia, nervousness or jitters. That is usually a very common so called “side effect” but I am here to tell you it is NOT a side effect of the medicine, it is what happens when people smoke it and then go in public or drive, do to the “Illegal Stamp” that is placed on the medicine. There are very seldom cases that it is the weed making you paranoid and IF it is, in most cases, it associates with people who have depression or ADD. For the fact that, paranoia is associated with both “diseases”, so again, my not necessarily be the Marijuana. For the people with the hunger and dehydration, that is common and to be expected. Being Marijuana’s main reasons of use, is to suppress the appetite or help increase the appetite. There are also strains out there that will let your body decide if it needs to eat, instead of choosing for you. Some strains are made to help calm you and bring your body to what medical professionals like to call a “home stage”, which basically helps your brain communicate with your body what it needs. So, if you smoke this kind of strain and you haven’t eaten within the last 3 hours, you may be hungry after smoking. For your body will relax and tell your brain, “I need to eat”. Whereas, if you at just previous to smoking this strain, once your body reaches the “home stage” you most likely will not be hungry.
    As far as the colors of weed. There are weeds out there that are that blue, even purple & rainbow. Depending on the amount/level of “temp stress” the grower put the plants through before harvest, determines how deep the color will be. However, this picture inparticular is VERY fake. When the flowers fan colors, the parts of the leaves connected to the bud tend to have multiple colors and are a DARK green at the tips.
    Just some info on some honest answers, and things I’ve worked with and seen.
    As far as smoking weed to come down from Narcotics such as Vicodin, Anti-Depressants and/or muscle relaxers, is HIGHLY recommended. One of the most common things weed helps is bringing people who are addicted to dangerous hard core drugs, OFF of them. It works because they still get the high needed with the RIGHT strain without the addiction or side effects. Strains HI in THC are recommended for this. Maybe something like Grape Stomper which is 21% THC, Star 47 which is 18% or if available the new strain of Blue Widow, which is a hybrid crossed with Blueberry & White Widow, is a 20% high.
    The high for people coming off of HARD DRUGS is more important than any other factor being that is what they are looking for, a high. A safe one! =)

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  7. myassisblue says:

    OneHit – Lol you’ve been smoking so long it’s what we call here “need to smoke to feel normal” it’s your daily coffee…I have a friend just like you, he starts getting sluggish and lazy if he doesn’t have his smoke..

    wamama – I know that exact feeling and it’s horrible. It only happens on your first couple hits and once the high kind of wears off and you take a few hits it goes away..And what it basically is for me atleast is the indica buds kill me with that fucked up feeling, I use to smoke a lot when I was younger then stopped for 4 years and started up again and that feeling made me quit again till I started tasting some sativa strains from a friend and it was like the first time I tasted bud when I was in school..What it all comes down to, the fucked up feeling is that you got to much shit on your mind from work, life, whatever, it’s the same with me.. As mentioned above start off small but with a different strain, no indica’s and smoke right when you wake up in the morning or from a nap that way your mind is still groggy (It helps you enjoy it) and don’t drink coffee, energy drink before you smoke, get your card and ask them for a sativa strain..Or use a vape and get the hash oil. It’s more of a body than a head.

    Good luck man, I felt yo pain.

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  8. Steveyd says:

    Girl scout cookies is one of my top strains atm, that shit is bomb if you get the REAL thing. You’ll be like wow i have such a nice euphoria and im stoneddd. A++ bud

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    Miss Butterfly Reply:

    I haven’t tried girl scout cookies yet but I’ve been aching to get me some. Been reading the reviews on that one and the more I read on it the more I hope to find and buy some asap.

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  9. matthew says:

    Ive smoked a blue god strain that came through one of my compassion clubs and it was by far the best bud Ive ever smoked in my 15 years of chronic use. When I saw the bud it was intensely blue and purple and the crystals were glistening brightly all over the bud. It smoked smoothly and the high was what I would call euphoric and pleasant every time. Ive been asking for it every day since it sold out lol and Im really hoping it comes back within this next week before I have to leave town! If I had a license to do so, I would grow this as my first choice and main daily medicine. I cant assure this photo is real but I assure you the strain exists, its magnificent, and it has the potential for blue within it so Im leaning more towards the belief its a real photo.

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    Bretts42085 Reply:

    frost is bad for your plants dummy. Try actiually growing before you act informed. Purple and blue can be attained through good genetics and IS caused by temperature stress, but not frost. Dropping temperatures into the low 70s or high 60s in the last weeks of flowing will do the trick if you have a strain that is capable of doing so. Research a strain before you get it, there are many colorful strains, but look out for fakes like the blueberry dum-dum on here… attitude seedbank in the uk is reliable for info and obtaining high quality strains.

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  10. frank 420 says:

    purple red green blue yellow there all real you all need to grow n not go though a shity dealer out for $$$$

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  11. redman says:

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  12. wamama says:

    Hopinng someone can help me here. I use to smoke marijuana all the time in my 20’s. I stopped when it started freaking me out, and making me paranoid when I was high.
    I have chronic back and neck pain and was prescribed and my GP prescribed Vicodin to me about 2 years ago. I started feeling like I was becoming addicted to the pain killers, and running out before my prescription was due to be refilled. I ran out about a week ago, and have another week to go before my refill. I went through what I think were some serious withdrawals to the pain killers. I feel better and normal now, but I don’t want to start the cycle of narcotics being my only saving grace to my pain. I had a small amount of marijuana that was given to me by a friend a year or two ago. I smoked it last night, and it did help my back pain, although it brought back my paranoia and over analyzing my life AGAIN. UGH! I do know pot doesn’t make you MORE paranoid, it just opens your brain wires, and for me I don’t like that feeling at all! I have enough stress in my life to have that going full force!
    Okay, so here’s the deal. I do NOT want to ingest weed during the day since I need to be able to function normally since I have a full time job where I talk to clients on a daily basis, and have school aged kids. I would love to find a strain to help at night time after the kids go to bed. I live in Washington State (N. Seattle). Thanks a billion in advance for any help to find the perfect Medical Marijuana strain. OH- forgot to say I am talking to my GP tomorrow about not renewing my vicodin, but giving me a recommendation to get my card. If not my GP, I know another place that I can get the card if I bring proof of my condition. ~sorry long winded, but thanks for reading! :)

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    kottonmouthking420 Reply:

    I’ve been on anti-depressants since I was 7 years old so I know exactly what you are going through. I’ve been smoking for about 4 years now and am now trying to eaze off of the medicine and use maeijuana instead. Addictions to Vicodin and other pain killers is very easy and common and should not be taken lightly. If you want to ease the pill craze get a one-hitter or a small glass pipe. This way you only pack yourself one to two hits, enough to ease the edge. Next step is to start lightly. Don’t smoke “reggos” because that will raise the anxiety of a stressful day. Start with some dro or weaker chronic. Good weed has good effects, if you smoke smart!! Smoke a little when you get home from work and a little before bed. Eventually you will be able to wake n bake without appearing to be high. The paranoia comes from being to high for your mind to handle, you don’t know what’s coming until it comes and you don’t like whats happening so to speak. And MOST IMPORTANTLY: put on good, relaxing music. If you like rock, put on something mellow like 3 doors down. I like reggae or trance techno myself. Relax, get stoned, and enjoy!!
    Stay Blazed!!

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    Dustin Reply:

    wamama, I agree with Kottonmouthking420 that smoking too much is what makes your mind freak out. The solution I found was to use a vaporizor, and only have a little bit each time, so little that in fact, you might not even notice it really. Gradually, you can increase dosage so to say, and eventually you will be able to handle more than “just a little.” Obviously you need relief from back pain, so I suggest you get your card and go visit a few different dispensaries and find someone knowledgable about different strains and their effects as some strains work on your mind, and some on your body. (Obviously there are some that do both). Sativa’s are more for productivity, and Indicas are more for relaxing. Also, there are some strains that are better for anxiety (in your case) and some are better for pain.

    The reason I suggested a vaporizer is it seems to deliver a more manageable dose, with very little smell, PLUS, then you aren’t actually burning the material and inhaling smoke. I suggest the “Magic Flight Box” for stealth, mobility, cool factor, and easy of use. I have one, and honestly, I love it. Yes, they are a bit spendy, but well worth it.

    I hope this reaches you!

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    OneHit Reply:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  13. skyhighboy420 says:

    umm the strain picture is blue cheese by buddha seeds

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  14. shgurg says:

    its not that blue. its just the lighting

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  15. Themaskedman says:

    looks nice, and its realy prety

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  16. It’s funny because I headed to Bazonoes in Walled Lake, MI right after posting that comment and they had it. Check out my review on the bud that I bought!! It’s got blueish purple tints. I believe it looks like this at growth

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  17. C Unit says:

    IF it’s real, it looks down right scary; smurfy in fact.

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  18. Where can I find some in Metro-Detroit, MI? I want to see if it’s really this blue. I think I’ve had it before and I think I remember little hints of blueish tints. I remember it was phenomenal no doubt.
    Stay Blazed!

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    MjMama Reply:

    There are lots of strains in the blue family, but none of them will ever look like that.

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    girl scout cookies Reply:

    fuck blue god girl scout cookies is tha best blue purple green yellow

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  19. Wharic says:

    If this is true, that’s incredible. Some wow factor looking at that.

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    Bretts42085 Reply:

    Super fake and frost is bad for your plants dummy. Try actiually growing before you act informed. Purple and blue can be attained through good genetics and IS caused by temperature stress, but not frost. Dropping temperatures into the low 70s or high 60s in the last weeks of flowing will do the trick if you have a strain that is capable of doing so. Research a strain before you get it, there are many colorful strains, but look out for fakes like this and the blueberry dum-dum on here….

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    ghost bud killa Reply:

    G&G genetics homefry,trying growing before YOU act informed moron

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  20. the rippah says:

    that looks sooooo fake

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    MjMama Reply:

    That’s what I was thinking. They went too far with the photo-shopping.

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