Strain Type | Blue Dream, Sativa

Blue Dream

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Blue Dream

Strain Name: Blue Dream

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa

Looks: Light green with bright orange/yellowish hairs.

Smell: Sweet, floral. Strong but not overpowering

Taste: Smooth, sweet fruity taste

Effects: Uplifting, calm, and motivating. Cerebral high that made me feel like i could just do anything

Potency: 7/10

Reviewed by: Picklator

Good Strain For: Wake and bake, getting things done, relaxing, migraines

Blue Dream

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3 Responses to “Blue Dream”

  1. jewelz says:

    nice and floaty smoke man.

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  2. B.D. says:

    one of the most popular new medical strains to come out of cali recently, both for patients and growers…the blue dream plant yields a lot, which makes everyone happy in the end.

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  3. keef says:

    Damn. Definitely get the cerebral, and it smells like flowers fucking once set to flame.

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