Strain Type | Blue Dream, Sativa

Blue Dream

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Blue Dream

Strain Name: Blue Dream

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: beautiful just look closely at the nuggets and all the orange hairs and all the fuzziness.

Smell: smells like no other strain i have ever had, but definitely a awesome mint/pine type scent

Taste: Nothing special, but very tingly on the tongue

Effects: very spacey and trippy, it lasts all night, good for insomnia

Potency: high

Reviewed by: CASH3N

Blue Dream

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47 Responses to “Blue Dream”

  1. D says:

    I love this strain. It works very well for my migraines. I’m so lucky, I’m legal and my grower gives me this and a million other strains for next to nothing – I guess like $40 an ounce, sometimes a lot less. He’s extremely cool.

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  2. bman says:

    where can I get the blue dream seeds at a good price local in L.A. area California Thanx In advance Bman P.S. I know dj shorts is the the man with the strain out of santa cruze, ca.

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  3. Georgia Boy says:

    Blue dream is pretty good I def love it and enjoy it and plan to keep this kind around for a while and especiLly @200$ a zip can’t beat it!!!

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  4. Ilocemuffins says:

    Shit you guys pay too much…some of you guys are getting ripped off….I pay 60 for an oz I guess because he’s a close friend

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  5. eric says:

    280 an oz in Indy.

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  6. sourdiesel says:

    I kno who cares how much other ppl pay for bud just roll that ish,lite that ish and pass that ish this way…. Everybody dnt live in cali or the netherlands so we still pushing for cheap exotic weed were i stay we pay 10bucks a gm, 150 a half and 300 a zone… Some muthafuckas would try to work you and tell you they charge 500 an ounce and i tell them all the time you gonna be sitting on that ish because im not dropping 500 for 28 grams of nothing… Unless it comes with a 17year old blonde lls…

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    Glox18 Reply:

    What if it came with a 28y/o who,looks 17 lmao that blue,dream would make it happen.

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  7. sourdiesel says:

    I picked up a half oz of blue dream from my guy on sunday before the superbowl for 175.. Had the whole building hallways smelling like blueberries and skunk lol i know the neighbors hate me…. But yeah up here in the dmv area (d.c) we get the blue dream all the time soon i open the ziplock it smells just like blueberry… Blue dream is one of my top fave 5 weed strains others are sour diesel,strawberry cough,og master kush and og granddaddy purple…

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  8. sourdiesel says:

    I just picked up a half oz of blue dream from my guy… I pay 170 for a half oz and 325for a whole… And the blue dream we be getting here in d.c smells like blueberry cereal or something and tastes fruity not piney i don’t kno if yall are smoking the real deal blue dream… I smoke nothing but blue dream,og kush, strawberry master kush and sour diesel but i love and would smoke any exotic strain…

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    Kush Reply:

    Yo in DC as well, holla at me if i can get at your connect.

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  9. KEVIN says:

    220 A zip here in LV on the eastside!!! Blue dream

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  10. Kristy says:

    Hey there! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!

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  11. Scott says:

    Blue dream is one of my favorites. I smoke all day every day an this weed fuckes me like an asain fucking eric cartman. If you can get your hands on it buy it. Worth the money

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  12. SmokeDog420 says:

    “Mojo” your not smoking BD then, bc real BD gets you crunk for hours, it’s the longest lasting high out there… I’m a HEAVY,HEAVY smoker and a bowl pack and I’m ski high for atleast 3 hours… So u need to get some OFFICAL BD or your just getting poorly grown BD.

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    Mojo Reply:

    1st: it WAS “official” blue dream.
    2nd:when i originally smoked it, i was TOAST for hours. but like i said, u become immune. its just a goddamn fact.
    3rd: im a heavy heavy smoker too.
    4th:i dont smoke “poorly grown” shit. i smoke top notch every time.
    its just not a good bud to smoke often. or even past a couple times. it loses sum effects each time til u become fully immune

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  13. Mojo says:

    its a great high, but you become basically immune to it after the first 1-3 smoke-ups on it. even after a year since i had had it last, the immunity was still there when i smoked it again about a week ago. my friend was BLASTED, i was eh. and after a couple days of smoking it, he also lost effect from it. so did his brother. good for an occasional smoke, but do not smoke blue dream on the reg, cuz ur just gonna waste ur money

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    PapaRocks Reply:

    I.m in NC and just found out BD is in. 120 a qt is steep but the weed is worth it. It’s going to be interesting cause I will have BD and Blueberry kush in my candy jar. Its going to be a good chrixtmas jilly bean is coming

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  14. Wocho says:

    Itz mo like ooooo%n d_town

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  15. Melly says:

    Who gives a fuck, smoke up…..

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  16. Thomas says:

    Well I only pay 2 euro per gram for the finest weed :)é

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  17. westopher says:

    Just got two grams for 20 bucks just west of Atlanta. This is some of the best I’ve smoked in a long, long time.

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    lurker Reply:

    i only got a gram of bd for the same price. i live in gwinnett. my dealer is soooo expensive!

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  18. Austin says:

    Jus picked up 1/8 of some dank ass Blue Dream for $30. Goes pretty cheap up here in the central valley.

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  19. Chicagoan For Now says:

    Californians! Please stop saying we pay expensive prices. We already know and you are just rubbing it in. Not everyone lives in Pot Paradise! :)

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  20. NYer says:

    Be glad you don’t live in Manhattan. Blue Dream here (from a reputable source) is $400 for 16 grams. Last week I got 20 gm of OGK and 20 gm of Mango….$1000.

    The quality is absolutely flawless, but it costs serious bucks.

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  21. ian says:

    i tried this shit and i thought it was just amazing. the only thing that i did not like about it is that it made me really supper horny

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  22. god damn homeless people says:

    CA prices are alot lower then most places sometimes i can get as low to 130 to 200 for an Oz

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  23. I couldn't imagine purchasing jus a dime or gram..tolerance way too hiiiiiii says:

    ……….just a thought.

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  24. g420 says:

    Down here in Mexico, in the Yucatan, just got an O for about 280, then again, it’s rare to get such good quality down here.

    Usually you can get an O of Kali Mist for 120. Or an O of Acapulco Gold for 200, one of my favorites.

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  25. Norcali209 says:

    Those prices are outrageous, I just got a half of blue dream for 90, good smelling dense nugs, gotta love cali (thumbs up)

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  26. yummy says:

    60 a quarter in socal

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  27. Dud town NC says:

    Its more like 150 for a half, and 300 and O. NC we cheap here

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  28. Dud town NC says:

    More like 300 and O… NC all the way!

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  29. CaliLivin says:

    I got an ounce and a half for $220. Best shit in the world. You guys pay a lot.

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  30. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    I pay 120 for a qrt 220 for a half and 350 for and ounce of official blue dream still be moist and smells tropical and tastes like blueberries

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  31. that makes no sense says:

    120 X 2 = 240, why would it be more than twice as expensive to buy a half o over a quarter? and 420 an O? that’s a shitload.

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    that makes no sense Reply:

    i paid 130 for a quarter

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    Spicoli Reply:

    I just got an ounce of blue dream for 200
    I don’t know where you guys live, but the prices you guys get are expensive!

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    EJ Reply:

    I paid $200/oz last week too! I’m from CA

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    VM Reply:

    Where in SoCal did you get those prices? I’m in the valley area

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    420 everyday Reply:

    i pay 80 dollars an ounce its expensive where all you live

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  32. Zheartzmuzic says:

    How much does blue dream normally go for?

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    DaddyD Reply:

    I get an ounce up here in the pacific North West for 160.00 of very nice Blue dream ( one of my fav strains)

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    Matt Reply:

    160 for a oz Are you sure about that? I just bought a half oz for 150…….

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  33. starbrosr says:

    I picked up a 7and the shit was great. Don’t beat your self treat yourself

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  34. Ju1cyjay says:

    Blue dream is one of my favorites. It normally what i have 60 percent of the time. Descriptions are accurate for this strand so i give props to cash3n. If you havent tried this shit get some

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    kid Reply:

    i grow it an i love the bluedream it is awesum in taste an qaulity, an a good producer

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