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Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese

Strain Name: Blue Cheese

Genetics: Blueberry x Skunk #1

Source: Private caregiver, JLM Strawberry Diesel

Grade: A

Type: Indica hybrid

Looks: Like a the weed version of a Cheeto

Photos: iPhone 4 with digital zoom

Smell: Like slightly fruity Cheez-Wiz

Taste: Blueberry inhale, aged cheddar exhale; delicious

Effects: Strong body impact, painkilling yet able to maintain some mental acuity

Potency: One of the strongest Indica hybrids in my experience

Good For: Pain relief, low impact physical activity e.g. swimming, beano, darts

Reviewed by: C UNIT

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7 Responses to “Blue Cheese”

  1. logan smith says:

    looks like that bud would glow in the dark

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  2. kabooz says:

    this is some of the strongest stuff ive smoked. had the most keif ive seen ever. i found it great for getting things done. didnt really wipe me out. has jumped to the top of my list. thumbs up!

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  3. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  4. Robert says:

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  5. PISSED OFF says:


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