Strain Type | Blackberry Kush, Indica

Blackberry Kush

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Black Berry Kush

Strain Name: Blackberry Kush

Grade: AAA+++

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Like a solid mass of Crystally nugget

Smell: Sweet smell of Berries with a sharp ting, absolutely Lovley

Taste: With a Full bongload going down smooth, after exhalation it expands leaving you breathless in a good way. With a sweet taste lingerig for a few minutes after partaking, this is truly a memorable smoke on my list

Effects: Strong and present in the head, good for mid day or evening in heavier doses

Potency: 1 hitter

Reviewed by: Tokentheaces

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5 Responses to “Blackberry Kush”

  1. MarilizeLegaluana says:

    Just picked some up. SUUUPER frosty!

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  2. ganjaking says:

    are u a “i smoke 10 joints everyday” kind of guy or a “i smoke 1 joint every weekend” kind of guy? based on all ur reviews with A+++ ratings, it seems the lather…..

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  3. BRob says:

    This strain is a good smoke, sweet taste. Just when you think the high is gone, it comes back for a second wind. Definitely recommend.

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  4. 'ouch'myback says:

    i am smoking on this right about now;)

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  5. hindukushinmylungs says:

    damn with a name like this have me changing my name to “blackberrykushinmylungs”lmao

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