Strain Type | Indica

Blackberry Frost

Blackberry Frost

Strain Name: Blackberry Frost

Grade: A-/B+

Type: Indica

Looks: Usually has dark purple/blackberry, and abundant crystals on it.

Smell: Sweet yet a bit skunky.

Taste: Somewhat sweet

Effects: Pretty instant high. Body buzz, pain goes away, high is not as intense as other strains, but head is clearer that day and days afterwards.

Potency: I would say 6/10 or 7/10.

Reviewed by: Phatlv37

Good Strain For: Anxiety, back and neck pain, insomnia, stress in general. This is the predominant strain I have used for these conditions. Has lower THC levels (around 13% when tested) and some CBD in it. So…although the high is more mellow, you will definitely see the sedating and analgesic effects kick in the nighttime.

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