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BK Budder

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BK Budder

Strain name: BK Budder

Grade: A++

Type: marijuana concentrate

Looks:looks like a yellow brownish paste. I did not have my budder in the refrigerator so it’s not hard and waxy i like it a lot better for blades.

Smell:When you open the container a big whiff of all different kinds skunky weed hits you pretty quick.

Taste: Just got it only took a few hits so far on top of some dank weed so i cant really say the full taste, but it made the bud that i had it on taste soo much better then usual,very beautiful smoke, hold it in and after a few seconds you can really feel it expanding in your lungs.

Effects: Took 2 hoots of about 2 large pin heads each, and got just as high as i use to first starting to smoke. Makes you very very high.

Potency: BudderKing Budder is 99.7% THC. Budder contains 80 to 90% of its cannabinoids as THC.

Reviewed by: Logan Smith

Good Strain For: It contains much smaller percentages of two other cannabinoids: cannabidiol and cannabinol. Of these two, cannabidiol (CBD) is most important because it has medicinal effects and moderates the stimulative effects of THC. It really isn’t the best sometimes for pain, but it gives you a very good head high.


BK Budder




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