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Strain Name: Amnesia

From: Purple Lotus Patient Center

Grade: Premium

Type: Sativa – Cross of Skunk, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer.

Looks: Frosty, hairy

Smell: Dank

Taste: No aftertaste, heavy

Effects: Hits you quick and is very heady. I had energy but it was mellow. My head felt pretty floaty for about 2 hours, and after 4 hours I could tell the “Amnesia” had worked because I could not remember the previous 2 hours.

Potency: High

Reviewed by: Layla N

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16 Responses to “Amnesia”

  1. Dan says:

    right now i face a dission should a buy blueberryheadband,or amnesia what does everybody think.Please i am in extreme pain and suffer from extreme anxity.get back asap thanks

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  2. christian says:

    you couldnt remember the last 2 hours? sure you dudnt take some xanax along with that

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  3. Floating Towel says:

    I’ve just started with smoking weed for about 1 month, and the stuff I’ve smoked was not very strong but still pretty good, is it bad to smoke Amnesia (pretty strong) already or should I gradually go up with stronger and stronger weed?

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  4. JSTBLZED says:

    I just had my first run sampling out amnesia. Very smooth but good flavor, I’m liking it alot. More of a floating head high. didn’t make

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  5. JSTBLZED says:

    I just had my first run sampling out amnesia. Very smooth but good flavor, I’m liking it alot. More of a floating head high.didn’t make

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  6. Dusty says:

    Amenisia good mellow tast. just had my first try of this one. a good heady staviva buzz with a touch of indca wich is what you would expect. a good mix nice and it is strong. this is one to try if you can vey nice

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  7. CB says:

    This and super lemon haze are the tastiest, strongest weed i ever smoked.

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  8. Ze_Connesuir says:

    I got some of this stuff for $25 1/8th. Long Beach Green Room Collective. I have yet to smoke it, as I always like to research the strain and then see if the smoke compares. At $8 a gram, I’m suspect, and I expect to get what I paid for; a nice mellow high. It looks pretty and it looks fresh…. Why so cheap, I haven’t a clue. 4 grams and 25 bucks, I’m not complaining. Got a cone ready to be filled too!

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  9. seany302 says:

    AmnesiaAl, maybe they stopped stocking your bud because they googled your email address like I just did and noticed you’re a fucking creep. Looking for a female sex slave, eh? Good luck. Good luck with your schwaggy nugs too.

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  10. ftbdslsbrgfl says:

    plenty of Amnesia here in central fl….pricy but worth it…..

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  11. bonnie says:

    you can get it, right now, at SPARC in san francisco.

    voted best of the bay, it’s the best dispensary around and this amnesia is SIQ.

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  12. AmnesiaAl says:

    I’m that vendor. Not sure why they stopped stocking my product but i still have a steady supply.

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    perk1perk1 Reply:

    thank you *amnesiaAL* it has helped me tremendously. i am recovering from hodgkins lymphoma cancer and it sucks. i am just sick all the time and have no energy and then the doctors have me on morphine 30mg three times daily and xanax 1mg three times daily and for break thru pain the instant release oxycontin 20mg twice daily. i do not want to be on all of these pain killers and have been trying to get off of them. my *m.o.m.* has been so very very helpfull with helping me with your wonderfull amnesia (and probably alot of the other strains that i am getting blessed with…) i just want you to know that it is helping me with energy and appetite and *attitude*; as this is a continuous battle of depression, anxiety, and pain…
    *thank you so much for doing what you do*
    most gratefull,

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  13. Layla N. says:

    I know how you feel… it’s in short supply or something, bc Purple Lotus (where I found it) had it off and on for a few weeks and then they said the vendor didn’t have another harvest of it. Major bummer..

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  14. toKEsMaGee says:

    excited to to go in search for this

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  15. Mr.Skunk says:

    Dang sounds like a tasty treat.

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