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AMG Mary Og

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AMG Mary Og

Strain Name: AMG MARY OG

Grade: A

Type: Indica, OG

Looks:light green, dense buds with dark highlights

Smell: sweet, strong, amazing

Taste: very sweet, easy on the throat

Effects:euphoria, sedation

Potency: very strong

Reviewed by: Dubako

Good Strain For: stress, nausea, insomnia, muscle pain

AMG is awesome. It’s become one of my regular spots because it’s right here in pacoima and they have really good stuff. It’s a medbox place so they don’t have the biggest selection in the world but what they have is really good and you don’t have other patients breathing all over the meds. Their prices are excellent. I usually get the mary og for $40 an eighth. The staff is cool and the medbox thing is a lot easier to work with than the hal 9000 for sure.



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