Strain Type | Alaskan Thunderfuck, Sativa

Alaskan Thunderfuck

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alaskan thunderfuck

Strain Name: Alaskan Thunderfuck

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid Sativa/Indica

Looks: Very crystally, couldn’t be more white than it looks with various spots of bright orange hairs.

Smell: Has a very diesel scent to it also a very strong skunk and catpiss smell.

Taste: The flavor could’t be any better, A very strong orange/banana taste with a spicy after taste.

Effects: One of the best strains to be known. Works great for any kind of pain, and gives you an immediate high. Mostly used for patients with no appetite’s, this strain will starve you in the comedown.

Potency: 8 out of 10

Reviewed by: piffcakes420

Good Strain For: Appetite’s and chronic pain

alaskan thunderfuck

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165 Responses to “Alaskan Thunderfuck”

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