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Afghan Kush (Gen 1)

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Afghan Kush (Gen 1)

Strain Name: Afghan Kush Generation 1

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid 60/40 Sativa Dom

Looks: (A+) Fresh, hairy, tons of crystals, and easily noticed as Afghan Kush. Buds are large and fluffy, not dense and compact. Almost looks like a soup of leaves, hairs, and THC.

Smell: (A) VERY distinct skunky smell but easily noticed as Afghan Kush. Only 24 hours from smokability in the provided picture.

Taste: (A) Fantastic, distinct, and flavorful to the end of the pack. It’s a fantastic taste that settles in your mouth and follows you down to your lungs and stomach. Legendary (obviously)

Effects: A mild indica allows you to slip into a blissful state of being while the sativa keeps you from being couch-locked for too long. The come down may make you tired if you just had a long session as the indica will eventually overcome you. The effect lasts for about 1-2 hours for a veteran. A consistent or master smoker may find themselves wanting a bit more kick. But after one look at the bud, and tasting it one more time, you’ll want to keep this in your jar.

Potency: Varies per grower. Averages around 15-21%. This strain tested at 18.56%

Reviewed by: The Forever King

Good Strain For: Quick tokes to give you a a nice, workable high that makes you feel up. Great for those fighting depression or anxiety. This strain is a MUST for those who are looking for a legendary bud that you can have long power-sessions with.

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