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Acapulco Gold (AG)

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Acapulco Gold

Strain Name: Acapulco Gold (AG)

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid Indica Dominant

Looks: Very nice to the eye, Pale green with a hue of yellow , Orange hairs both light and dark are present, looks like a orange and gold nugget, with patchy crystals (the pic dose it no justice)

Smell: Very mild as a whole nugget with hints of saffron and butter scotch. Once you break the bud up though the smell of burnt toffee becomes dominant.

Taste: Wow can we say spicy, this bud has a tone of spice to it with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger being the strongest. Very smooth the taste of nutmeg stays with you for a few moments.

Effects: Are very nice and immediate, you get very relaxed, and a little heavy eyed, (not for the rooks)I found that I did not feel a lot of pain I also feel this is great for spasm, and any one who needs to get some sleep.

Potency: 2 to 2.5

Area: MI (Import C.A.)

Reviewed by: Antimatter

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