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Sweet Tooth

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Sweet Tooth

Strain Name: Sweet Tooth

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: Beautiful bright green popcorn buds with hints of purple on the petals with a few short orange pistils, CAKED with long, sugary trichomes (*FUN FACT* this is where the name originates from)

Smell: A very super sweet, fruity, danky California pine tree.

Taste: Sweet amazingness!! I don’t know what just happened in my mouth. My taste buds are going nuts though. This is delish!!!

Effects: Immediate laziness. This is a very strong indica, however there are hints of a sativa high in the peak, just enough to keep you awake, not enough to move. Not recommended for a long list of chores or a long day at work.

Potency: Not the most potent smell or taste but the high is AMAZING!!! If you smoke to much you will be trapped on the couch. PLAN BEFORE BAKING!! Grab the chips, ice cream sandwiches, and pretzels, a couple beers, a pitcher of kool-aid and a really good video game. You’ll be on your ass for a while.

Reviewed by: Kottonmouthking420

Good Strain For: Pain relief, long drives if smoked moderately. Chillin with friends and doing nothing if your planning on blazing down.

Sweet Tooth

Strain Type: Indica, Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

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Strain Name: Sweet Tooth (aka Sweet Unknown)

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Green, Purple, Orange, you choose?

Smell: The oder of this strain in fairly heavy. Crack a bud open and catch a nice wiff. Though not as strong as others I’ve had.

Taste: Not too strong. A nice hint of the green flavor.

Effects: A nice head high. Makes you stupid for a minute or two. But then goes into a relaxing sativa high.

Potency: 8/10

Reviewed by: PhishPhan

Good Strain For: My pounding headache that it just took away. I really like this stuff. Too bad it’s so rare here.

Strain Type: Sativa, Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

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sweet tooth

Strain Name: Sweet Tooth

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: The nug is very nice looking it has few hairs peach colored hairs and a pretty nice crystal cover. It is VERY dense and it shows on the scale.

Smell: Not to impressive but it did have a slight sweet and musky smell similar to antifreeze but even that was extremely faint.

Taste: The taste like the smell is very very light in fact far to light for my liking but the most i could get from it was a sweet candy like after taste that stayed for awhile.

Effects: This strain should be called The Little Nug That Could because this strain earned its grade in the high alone. It is extremely dream like and pleasant and even as I write this review I keep dazing off to a odd black spec on the upper corner of my wall. This is a sativa and it is somewhat down but it gives you a feeling of extreme creativity.

Potency: 1-2 hrs

Reviewed by: str8bongin

sweet tooth medical marijuana

Strain Type: Sativa, Sweet Tooth19 Comments


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Strain Name: Blockhead

Grade: A

Type: Indica dominant hybrid – an unknown strain crossed with Sweet Tooth.

Looks: Large, dark green and extremely dense buds.

Smell: Strong earthy smell. Musky. Almost a classic “brown weed” stink.

Taste: Not quite as heavy as the smell with more sweetness. Very smooth and expansive.

Effects: Immediate and heavy head buzz with noticeable body stimulant effect. Later it felt like a sleepy indica finish.

Potency: High

Reviewed by: brokensun

Good Strain For: Relaxation.

Strain Type: Blockhead, Indica

Romulan Cotton Candy

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Strain Name: Cotton Candy (AKA Sweet tooth) x Romulan

Grade: B+

Looks: Large foxtail shaped buds that were very dense with nice trichrome coverage. Medium green color overall with beautiful bluish purple colors mixed in that lends a nice blue glow to the flowers. Completely covered with bunches of pinkish/orange hairs rising from the calyxes adding to the overall beauty of this bud. Overall 8/10

Smell: Very sweet, blue candy bouquet with light spicy, undertones from the Romulan faintly lurking in the background. One of the yummiest smelling flowers I have had lately. The sweet blue cotton candy smell definitely overwhelms the often spicy pungency of the Romulan strain. 9/10 on aroma.

Taste: Verrrrry sweet and delicious. I got the sensation of coating my mouth with sugar like eating crystal rock candy when I was a kid. Leaves a pleasant sweet taste on the lips for some time after taking a rip. This hybrid does taste different than straight Cotton Candy in that the Romulan lends a faint peppery sensation to the throat that is actually quite pleasant. Almost lending a warmth to the flavor. Very delicious overall 9/10

Effects: I was totally amazed at how fast this medicine hit! Right as I was puttin’ the fire to my second bong rip it hit me hard in the head and eyes like good strong Romulan Ale…Lol. Very odd sensation of my head being blown up like a large balloon and slowly detaching from my body and floating off into space. My eyes felt like they were bulging out and could zero in, like lasers, on all the fine details of my environment. I didn’t get any hardcore body rushes, heart palpitations, or anxiety and this initial phase only lasted about 30 minutes or so. Almost instantly, at this point, it felt like I came back into my body which was very loose and relaxed and quite euphoric. For the next couple hours the Indica dominance was quite apparent. I was never really couch locked but my muscles were very relaxed and time seemed to slow down to a snail’s crawl pace. Throughout the experience, however, my mind stayed very alert and I seemed to have plenty of energy to take care of the necessary tasks at hand. A very nice hybrid mind/body experience which seemed quite suitable for a wide range of tolerances. 9/10 for effects.

Potency: A very pleasant mid-range potency which lasted 2-3 hrs. 8/10 for potency.

Reviewed by: MoMoFire

Good Strain For: very suitable as a strong muscle relaxant, helps with headaches, and suitable for mild to medium pain relief.

Strain Type: Indica, Romulan Cotton Candy3 Comments

Blue Satellite #2

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Strain Name: Blue Satellite #2

Grade: B+

Type: Blueberry X Sweet Tooth #3

Looks: Light Green, light orange hairs, many trichromes

Smell: Sweet, hint of blueberry,

Taste: light, earthy with sweet hint at the end.

Effects: cerebral at first, very sociable,lots of smiling, then body stone hits. Munchies a must

Potency: medium- high

Reviewed by: Chris Michaels

Good Strain For: Increasing appetite, acute and chronic pain, depression. Very sensitive plant to nutes, good for more advanced growers.

Strain Type: Blue Satellite #2, Sativa

Weeditor – Str8bongin


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I live in colorado I am a student studying to be honda auto tech, also I work for honda as a entry level tech now. I am a medical cannibus user and I enjoy finding the newest strains at dispensaries all over colorado. Theres nothing more that I enjoy than a snowy day, a fat blunt and hanging out with my English Bulldog choncho.

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I mix it up with hardcore underground rap like Jedi Mind Tricks or Immortal Technique and 90s Alternative rock like REM or smashing pumpkins.

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Grandmas Boy, Pulp Fiction, Half Baked, Tropic Thunder and Anchorman.

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Juicy orange overload, Platinum Purple

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