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High Mids

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High Mids Marijuana

Strain Name: High Mids

Grade: B++

Type: Sativa

Looks: Mix of bright green and dark green with some red and orange hairs

Smell: Perfumy,skunky, with some loud and dank hints

Taste: Not Bad at all like reggie mixed with dank

Effects: Very Good,really relaxed, hungry and after a few hours you’ll get sleepy I was pleased

Potency: 7and 3 4ths out of 10

Reviewed by: someguy

Good Strain For: stoners who dont want ditch weed but dont want to spend alot of money, it’s pretty good shit!

Strain Type: High Mids, Indica, Sativa109 Comments

High Mids

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High Mids Marijuana

Strain Name: High Mids

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Light and Dark green with some red hairs

Smell: Perfumy with hints of dank and skunk

Taste: Preety Decent

Effects: Really good body and head high at first and then makes you happy, relaxed, very hungry and then very sleepy closley related to dro

Potency: 7/10 15 to 17% THC

Reviewed by: SmokeGood4201

Good Strain For: Stoners that want good weed but not enough money

Strain Type: High Mids, Sativa

Lime Haze

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Lime Haze Marijuana

Strain Name: Lime Haze

Grade: A+


Looks: different shades of green from a pretty light to dark and a little in the middle the lighting effects the way this bud looks I’ve taking pictures ware it almost looks like a dark purp
Smell: smells great not to strong had a hint of lime

Taste: taste is really good…I would want first hit every time, u can taste a little lime when u smoke it

Effects: the effects of this bud is strong, it’s a creeper weed once it hits u your going to feel it, a really grate high full body. U can also feel it in your face around like the upper cheeks idk why but I’m not the only one that has said that this is a type of weed that u don’t need to smoke a lot. A little goes a long way

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by:

Good Strain For: night time use…helping with depression it’s a really happy high this is something u smoke at night when u don’t have to do anything and just chill and play video games or tv. You will get the munches and it prob wont stop till the high goes away. Depending on the amount u smoke this high will last u a pretty long time I have had this last about 3 maybe 4 hours

Strain Type: Indica, Lime Haze95 Comments


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Sandman Marijuana

Strain Name: Sandman

Genetics: Anesthesia (Pyramid Seeds) X Blueberry (DJ Short)

Grade: A

Type: Indica/Sativa mix

Looks: Shades of dark and light green, lots of red hairs, frosty

Taste: Not much, kind of fruity

Smell: Delicious, Fruity, Dank

Effects: Stoney, cloudy stone, relaxes muscles, good for sleep but doesn’t necessarily make you tired, very very relaxing

Potency: Strong, cloudy trichs,

Reviewed by:  Anonymous

Good Strain For: Chillin, Relaxing, Sleep,


Strain Type: Indica, Sandman53 Comments

Black Cherry Soda

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Black Cherry Soda Marijuana

Strain Name: Black Cherry Soda

Grade: A++

Type: 80/20 sativa dominant

Looks: What beautiful weed should look like. The picture really doesnt do this one justice. Thick dense nugs that seem to have a powered sugar coat, nice orange hairs that creep through, plus just beautiful purple undertones that mix in with the oh so pretty green. 10/10 for looks.

Smell: First sniff of this nug and you just know you got some great weed. Very unique berry smell. How Blue Dream is unique to a blue smell, this is just as unique to a yummy black cherry smell. Smell 9/10.

Taste: Taste is almost exactly like the smell. VERY unique berry taste on the inhale, and a nice cream soda taste on the exhale. Taste just gets better with each bong hit. Taste 9/10!

Effects: Starts off in the back of the head and behind the ears, very cerebral to start. With a few more bong hits this really starts to get into the shoulders. Very nice surprising upper body tingle! Packs a great sativa punch, with just a slight indica kick to give the body a great sensation also! Very uplifting!

Potency: 9/10 on potency. K.O. sativa power, with that slight indica kick. Dont pass up the opportunity of getting to try this one!!!

Reviewed by: Bud083

Good Strain For: Mid-day use is great, great for some good music, very uplifting high.

Strain Type: Black Cherry Soda, Indica133 Comments

Parker Kush

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Parker Kush

Parker Kush Marijuana

Strain Name: Parker Kush

Grade: A++

Type: indica

Looks: dark green

Smell: DANK

Taste: piney with a sweet after taste

Effects: 4-6 hour high slow movement and body numbness

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by: TheHitMan

Good Strain For: everything

Strain Type: Indica, Parker Kush50 Comments

Queen Green

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Queen Green Marijuana Strain

Strain Name: Queen Green

Grade: A++

Type: Sativa dominant 70/30

Looks: Bright green bud, barely and orange hairs, lots of crystals

Smell: little fruity, mostly dank smell and smell good

Taste: just like the smell,little fruity on exhale

Effects: clear head, but i would recommend for night time use, its a couch lock and also extreme munchies. Very good high, lasts all night and only need about 1-2 hits. not for beginners.

Potency: 10 out of 10

Reviewed by: relaxing, anxiety, depression, insomnia, increased appetites

Good Strain For: mid level intoxication allows patients to use it during the daytime. This strain is also known for its
culinary potential. Blue Dream commands a high price from manufacturer all the way up to retailer, making it a
potentially very lucrative strain.



Strain Type: Queen Green, Sativa46 Comments

Chocolate Dream

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Chocolate Dream

Strain Name: Chocolate Dream

Grade: Mid

Type: 100% Sativa

Looks: Dense nugs. Lots of crystals.

Smell: Green with soft undertones.

Taste: Rich flavor

Effects: Accelerated energy. Higher heart rate. Organizational. Creative.

Potency: High potency

Reviewed by: Santa Clara County resident

Good Strain For: Morning, work, art, outdoor activities.


Strain Type: Sativa8 Comments

Grape Ape

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Grape ApeDate: 01-05-12 (CORRECTED)

– Strain –
Grape Ape

– About –
This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. It is a phenotype (which refers to a trait that is visible to the naked eye, i.e. color, shape, size, etc.) of the famous Grandaddy Purple out of Northern California. This particular phenotype is supposedly a cross of Afghani with Skunk #1 that was created by Apothecary Genetics. It won 1st Place in the 2005 and 2006 Green Cup and 1st Place in the 2006 Medical Cup in Lake County in 2006. When flowering INDOOR, this plant takes about 7-8 weeks and yields around 700-800 grams/sq m² (that’s grams per meter squared, or square meter). When flowering OUTDOOR, this plant us ready at the end September to mid-October. You can find more “official” info at in the strains section on the menu bar!
In MY experience, this plant grows more bushy than tall and produces heavy, dense buds. It is a heavy producer. This is a hearty strain that is very resistant to pests, mold/fungus, and even PH issues. This particular bud (pictured) was grown in a soil/coco mix in a 10 gallon pot using Advance Nutrients Sensi system.

– From –
This particular bud was grown our very own Ohana Gardens™

– Suggested Donation –
$10/gram; $200/ounce

– Looks –
Beautiful dark green bud covered with many burnt orange colored hairs. Leaves covered in frosty trichromes. Very nice strain to look at!

– Aroma –
Rich, sweet sugary smell with an oh so slight grape touch that you’d think a tiny grape angel gave it a kiss!!
I love the smell of this one because it is no overbearing. It doesn’t assault my nose.

– Tastes –
Thick sweet smoke with a rich and elegant soft grape favor with no cough (if flushed and dried properly, of course).
This strain is one of the best tasting ones I have had. I medicated with 0.05 grams and I used my 12 in DBP water pipe and a refillable lighter with 5x refined butane. It was great to be able to taste just the medicine and not butane.

– Effects –
This uplifting strain is great for going along with your breakfast to wake you up and inspire you to do something. This is the type of strain to rid you of any pain, especially migraines, and bring you out of and sour mood. Great before work strain when you need to have a clear head, but need just enough to make it to work without killing anyone. Great replacement for coffee!!! I have a hard time getting upset when medicated with this strain.
This strain is also a good strain to help people focus. I would say it would work wonders for ADD and ADHD students trying to listen to a lecture or study.

– Duration –
When using 0.05 grams – 60 mins medicinal-level potency; about 90 mins overall.
This may not seem long, but 0.05 grams is a pretty small amount!! When writing a review I use this amount so that I will never be too medicated to write!

– Medicinal Traits –
Relief of pain (especially: migraines and headaches and muscle ache), stress, depression, fatigue, anxiety, anger.
This strain is a great calming agent and relaxant. Great for coming home from a hard day at work and relaxing with your family and eating dinner!

– Overall –
This strain is absolutely one of my favorite. It is definitely in my top 5 Best Strains Ever! I was very pleased with all of the positive effects and the dry eyes didn’t last but about 10 minutes. I really like this strain for everyday use, day OR night. It is hard to find a great hybrid like this. I will definitely be keeping it in my garden!


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! And I hope you get to try some Grape Ape soon!

Toke as needed,
Outspoken Toker

**NOTE** Outspoken Toker is an authorized medical marijuana patient in their home state that is expressing their personal preferences and opinions about named strains. Outspoken Toker is NOT a medical professional and is NOT offering any medical advice in any way, shape, or form. This and all other articles written on are for informational purposes only. Everything in this article is strictly the option of Outspoken Toker. All information is based on personal experience and/or knowledge gained from other sources which will be named accordingly. Outspoken Toker will NOT be held responsible for any adverse effects that may come as a result of using this strain.

(Sorry this was uploaded a couple times… a made some mistakes… a little medicated here!)

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Strain Type: Hybrid, Indica6 Comments

Medical Marijuana

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