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Strain Name: Jack Herrer X G13

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Looks:neon green, orange hairs, extra frosty

Smell:skunky, grosse, earthy

Taste: piney,earthy,fresh and a little harsh exhale

Effects: Head high, red eyes and extra couch lock, its nice!

Potency: HIGH

Reviewed by: HIgHErtHAnyOu

Good Strain For: “Eating disorder, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety, pain relief, inflammation”

Strain Type: Hybrid


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Strain Name: XJ-13 ( G-13 x Jack Hereer )

Grade: A++ one of the best sativas I’ve smoked..ever

Type: Almost all Sativa dominant. 95/5

Looks: bright spike broad colas with bright orange sticky hairs,drenched
In sticky web like trichromes.

Smell: no way to contain the smell in any kind of jar,the Herrer really
Shines through in the smell with a deep piney lemon haze that tingles your nostrils and makes you do the hippy shake your so happy

Taste: super lemon pine skunk,with a grapefruit peel and kush

Effects: big time cerebral vacation. Be prepared for energy,creativity and a long drawn out high that last a realistic 3-4hrs depending on dose

Potency: 95/100 easy Top 5 in my book. Every time I have it
It’s always pure fire and a great pure sativa

Reviewed by: InGrowingWeTrust

Good Strain For: anxiety,stress,ADHD,panic attacks,depression
And has been know for pain relief

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Strain Type: Indica

Medical Marijuana