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Ghost OG Kush

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Ghost OG Kush

Strain Name: Ghost OG Kush

Grade: A+ bomb meds

Type: Indica Dom 70/30

Looks: Very hairy, as you can see this is some nice dro. It’s also really decked out in trichs. Super dense.

Smell: Very citrus and lemony scent to it. very pleasant but it has the OG wreak to it. Got a stank to it.

Taste: Amazing. It’s super sweet well cured and flushed. Really piney and kushy too. Amazingly smooth smoke.

Effects: Careful if you head straight to the bong. This stuff will wreck you. It won’t put you to sleep but you will want your favorite arm chair and some Doritos for this.

Potency: 10/10 Fave strain i love indicas and this one is bomb.

Reviewed by: sack man

Good Strain For: depression, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia

Strain Type: Indica

Blue Widow

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Blue Widow

Strain Name: Blue Widow

Genetics: [F] Blueberry Kush x Aloha Male White Widow

Grade: A

Type: An Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Looks: Looks very pale and glazed out nugs. This cannabis can pass for the nickname “Ghost Bud”.

Smell: The smell often reminds me of a strong house cleaner scent. Almost smells like candy covered with pine oil.

Taste: Very hashy, berry-like after taste with a lung expansion.

Effects: This cross of Blueberry and White Widow creates a very strong yet clear, energetic, and floaty high making this flower a unique buzz. Shows the strong sativa high, but once your sitting down on a comfortable couch you are bound to be in same spot the next morning.

Potency: Long; depending on consumption*

Reviewed by: Bobby Coughs

Good Strain For: Strong sativa high that makes you wanna get off your seat and do something. As time goes by you get a lazy, relaxing vibe that would make you sit back and take a cruise control. Nice flower for afternoon boredom or evening time smoke.

Strain Type: Blue Widow, Indica3 Comments

Weeditor – Mr. Skunk

Mr. Skunk

About Me:

I am a husband and a dad of 2 awesome boys 2 & 13 and sweet step daughter of 11. I am also a passionate medical cannabis cultivator serving several patients in Northern Colorado. I believe in a hard days work and that a man is the King of his Castle. I also believe that education is the way to help us all progress. So far, my greatest growing accomplishment has been creating a strain in honor of one of my favorite bands. “Cephalics Cpecial Kush” is Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x Hindu Kush. I have also successfully created a whole line of Ed crosses, look for their reviews on this site. Lemon hED,Special Ed & Mr.Skunk. Keep Growing Everyone.

Favorite Strains:

I favor the Skunk strains obviously, particularly Lemon Skunk. However I will not turn down a well grown medical strain.

Favorite Method of Ingestion:

Water Filtrated Apparatus’ Only. But again I understand that I can’t always have H2O so…. I can say I do not and will not use a “Vaporizer” as I have not found them to not be effective for suiting my medical needs. And yes I have tried a few different kinds but do not get the same relief as my Kind Creations hardware.

Favorite Music:

Heavy Freakin Metal in all it’s brutality. Pantera,Cephalic Carnage, WhiteChapel & Hatebreed would be a top 4.

Favorite Movies:

I do not watch many movies, I am a education television freak though. Science Channel,History Channel,Discovery and so on. However when I do watch movies I run the gambit and will watch anything that is of quality.

Favorite Video Game:

Grand Theft Auto. I do also like various fighting games Soul Caliber & Tekken to name a couple.

Favorite Songs:

Kill For Weed(Cephalic Carnage),Drag The Waters(Pantera), Father of Lies(WhiteChapel) Destroy Everything(Hatebreed), Spheres of Madness(Decapitated), Cry For Me Sky(Devildriver),Fixation on Plastics(The Red Chord),Cower Before Me(Allegeaon), Success Is,Hanging By the Neck(Cattle Decapitation) these are just a few off of the top of my head.

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