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Strain Name: Bubblegum

Grade: C or B-

Type: Indica dominant.

Looks: Have a look for yourself, small buds with lots of trichnomes and golden to dark orange hairs.

Smell: Smells just like a candy shop.

Taste: Quite a fruity sweet taste on the inhale with a earthy undertone on the exhale.

Effects: Creativity, Munchies.

Potency: Not very strong at all, someone with a high tolerence should avoid this strain cause personally it took 2-3 bowls to feel anything. Effects don’t last long either, 1 hour tops.

Reviewed by: The HempMeister

Good Strain For: Creativity, Social events, Appetite.

Strain Type: Indica


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Strain Name: Bubblegum

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Dense, crystallized

Smell: Not very strong, fruity.

Taste: Smooth, earthy

Effects: Good for head, euphoric.

Potency: N/A

Reviewed by: MAB

Good Strain For: headaches, pain.


Strain Type: Bubblegum, Sativa6 Comments


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Strain Name: Bubblegum

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Light green with lots of bright orange hairs. The buds are kind of airy. Has TONS of crystals that looks like snow. (8/10)

Smell: When the jar is cracked it smells similar to a piece of old school bazooka bubblegum. When its ground up it has a strong citus like smell with hints of manufactured plastic and bazooka bubble gum. (9/10)

Taste: Has a decent sweet and wet earthy taste on the inhale, similar to the smell before it’s ground up. The exhale tastes like burnt campfire leaves. The taste on the exhale is from the grow and not the strain, as I’ve had bubblegum before that tasted like bubblegum chewing gum. (6/10)

Effects: Night time use. Provided powerful medicinal effects. Worked great for pain, relaxing and anti-anxiety. I was expecting more of a sativa like effect, but it felt like it was more on the heavy indica side. I was on verge of being couched locked, but still very energetic at the same time. One bowel from the volcano was more than enough to get er’ done. (8/10)

Potency: Strong (8/10)

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Notes: I’ve had the bubblegum strain before and it was much better than this batch. The bubblegum i’ve had before was easily grade A. Seems like the grower on this batch used too many nutrients and rushed the cure job which was definitly reflective of the taste. It’s worth noting that it did put out a nice thick vapor from the volcano vaporizer. The exhale taste really hurt the grade on this. With a better taste it could have easily received an A.


Strain Type: Bubblegum, Sativa4 Comments

Sour Bubble

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sour  bubble

Strain Name: Sour Bubble

Source: OM of Medicine – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid/Indica dominant.

Looks: Nice crystals and hairs.

Photos: iPhone 4 with digital zoom.

Smell: The classic bubble hits you right away with that diesel finish. “Instant classic!” per ESPN.

Taste: Just like the smell; bazooka joe on the inhale with that sour diesel finish!

Effects: More cerebral than physical at first; but then you can zone out with potential for couch lock.

Potency: Strong.

Reviewed by: C Unit

Good Strain For: General pain, nausea, low activity (e.g. PS3, TV).

Strain Type: Indica, Sour Bubble6 Comments


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Strain Name: Bogglegum

Genetics: Northern Lights#5 x BOG-Bubble

Grade: A+ Medical

Type: Indica/Med

Looks: Light green, light orange/gold hairs

Smell: No odor

Taste: Smooth, grape bubblegum

Effects: Mellow high, fun but it will put you out. Very Strong.

Potency: High (One bong rip is enough)

Reviewed by: TheKrameKon

Good Strain For: Sleep, relaxer (ADHD/ADD), depression

Strain Type: Bogglegum, Indica



Grade: A+

Type: A cross between a rare strain of original Big Sur Holy Weed (sativa), an equally rare strain of Lebanese Zahret el Kolch hashish plant (indica) and Purple Deisel.

Looks: The calyx has a purple leaning towards red color. The tiny bud leaf has a blue green hue. It is very dense and very hard. (the photo below is not representative but was all on hand at this writing.)

Smell: Juicy Fruit Gum, Sage and Cotton Candy.

Taste: Grape Bubble Gum

Effects: Euphoric, Uplifting, Energetic Buzz

Potency: 9 out of 10

Reviewed by: johnnyMirani

Good Strain For: Depression, Fatigue, Appetite.


Strain Type: IndicaComments Off on BlueNote

Wonka’s Bubblicious

Wonka's Bubblicious

Strain Name: Willy Wonka’s Bubblicious

Grade: A+++

Type: Hybrid: Pandora’s Box X Querkle

Looks: Amazing, light green and dark huge with bright orange hairs.

Smell: Out of this world. One of the best flowers I have ever smelled.

Taste: Bubble gum that has a subtle changing flavor the first few minutes. Really unique and oh so tasty!

Effects: Happiness, uplifting, good for stress, anxiety and depression.

Potency: 9-10

Reviewed by: Chris88813

Good Strain For: All around – that is what the breeder (SBJ Organics) says and it seems true.

Wonka's Bubblicious

Strain Type: Hybrid

Purple Diva

Purple Diva

Strain Name: Purple Diva

Grade: A+


Looks:Purple orange strains

Smell:Skunk mixed with grape and a hint of citrus and cat piss, the smell can usually be detected a block away if smoked.

Taste:You will notice a lemon grape with a sort of a gas extract similar to a motor running fantastic(but in a good way)but surprisingly the smoke will leave a blueberry and bubble gum taste in your mouth.

Effects:Usually makes the most experience smoker cough. Its a high that creeps up on you and gives you a headband high for the first hour then you get a reliving feeling when the high trickles down to the body.

Potency:Very effective A+

Reviewed by: Weed Geek

Good Strain For:Stress, Depression,chronic Pain

Strain Type: Sativa2 Comments

Bubba Kush

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Bubba Kush

Strain Name: Bubba Kush

Genetics: Bubble Gum x Kush

Grade: A

Type: Dominate Indica

Looks:Very nice dark and light green colours, nice orange hairs popping out all over the nug, plenty of hints of purple and covered in trichromes.

Smell:Very very fruity and pungent. Almost tropical like smell. stanks up the whole room with only a small amount.

Taste: Tastes almost exactly like it smells very fruity and kushy very beautiful smoke.

Effects: makes you cough like a bitch,

Potency: Is the kind of stone where you could just sit and watch nothing for hours. The high lasts for atleast 3 hours depending on how much you smoke, smoke to much and its bed time!

Reviewed by: Logan Smith

Good Strain For:Getting ripped

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Strain Type: Bubba Kush, Indica10 Comments

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