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Blueberry Bubba

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Strain Name: Blueberry Bubba


Type: Hybrid

Looks: Light green with blue tint and keify asf

Smell: Dank

Taste: Fruit

Effects: i was seeing shit

Potency: 1000

Reviewed by: damnthisweedisgood

Good Strain For Pain

Strain Type: Hybrid, IndicaComments Off on Blueberry Bubba


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Blueberry Medical Marijuana

Blueberry Marijuana

Strain Name: Blueberry

Grade: A (if you need this Text Or Call 978-593-2996) (Oz costs $230)

Type: 80% Indica 20% Sativa

Looks: see photo

Smell: A fruity berry aroma with a blueberry taste.

Taste: blueberry taste

Effects: Very potent, top quality buzz. Provides a long lasting euphoric experience. It may cause you to forget what you were doing

Potency: high as fuck

Reviewed by:

Good Strain For: Relieve, Pain, stress, and general Indica applications


Strain Type: Hybrid, Indica

Blueberry Kush

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Blueberry Kush Marijuana

Strain Name: Blueberry Kush

Grade: AAA

Type: indoor

Looks: purple

Smell: strong

Taste: sweet

Effects: none


Reviewed by:

Good Strain For: smoking


Strain Type: Blueberry Kush, Indica

RSZ Blueberry Garlic

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RSZ Blueberry Garlic

RSZ Blueberry Garlic


Strain Name: RSZ Blueberry Garlic

Grade: A+ Top Shelf

Type: A+ Indica Dominant Hybrid

Looks: purplish blue tint

Smell: very sweet spicy scent

Taste: very smooth, sweet spice

Effects: very strong sink into the couch night time. In your own world.

Potency: extremely strong, even for veterans of long use

Reviewed by: Ronnie Pittman

Good Strain For: insomnia, total relaxation for bed time, puts mind and body at ease, Pain.

Strain Type: Indica, RSZ Blueberry Garlic

Blueberry Gdp

Blueberry Gdp

Strain Name:
Blueberry Grandaddy
Type: hybrid

Blueish tinted bud with dark Orange hairs slight purple
Like sweet skunky blueberry until cracked open then BERRY GRAPES
Just like grandaddy purple sweet fruit grape flavor
Hungry happy sleepy lol
Potency: Very potent indica high will knock u down but stil functional

Reviewed by: Yungmil510

Good Strain For:everything

Blueberry Gdp

Strain Type: Hybrid

Blueberry Gdp

Blueberry Gdp

Strain Name: Blueberry Grandady

Grade: A+

Type: hybrid

Looks:FROSTED Blueish tinted buds with hints of purple andd dark Orange hairs

Smell:sweet like the blueberry but when cracked open super skunky Fruity grapes like gdp

Taste: like gdp very sweet n fruity one of the best flavors out

Effects: relaxing n uplifting at the same time

Potency: very potent indica high will knock you down lol

Reviewed by: YungMil510

Good Strain For:heavy medicators

Blueberry Gdp

Strain Type: Hybrid

Blueberry Diesel

Blueberry Diesel

Strain Name: blueberry diesel

Grade: top shelf 50/8th

Type: hybrid

Looks: frosty trichomes with thick orange hairs

Smell: blueberry with small hints of lemons/pine

Taste: fruity with a slightly sour and piney after taste

Effects: uplifting head high then slow body numbing effects. creative but relaxed.

Potency: 1-2 hours w/smoking, 2-3 hours with a vaporizer

Reviewed by: Jeff

Good Strain For: anxiety, stress, depression

Strain Type: Hybrid1 Comment

Blueberry Yum Yum

Blueberry Yum Yum

Strain Name: Blueberry Yum Yum

Grade: A+++

Type: Indica

Looks: Fucking amazing! its Extremely Blue and its like love at first sight and My dad grows it so its AMAZING

Smell: Just absolutely amazing it smells extremely fruity just like blueberrys but a little more tangy SOME OF THE DANKEST OF THE DANK Kush Ive EVER Had

Taste: Fucking AMAZING its like how it smells and its Really fruity

Effects: it can knock u the fuck out! on the first hit, its like heaven! what it does is give u the most intense High in the entire world. Everything looks crooked. Because the 1st time i did this, i IMEADIATLY Fell in Love with it and i recommend having it in high amounts because it is the greatest kush u will EVER HAVE

Potency: HIGH AS FUCK!!!!

Reviewed by: Isaac y0

Good Strain For: anything really, Headaches, Partys, Stress, etc

Strain Type: Indica4 Comments

Blueberry (Vancouver)

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Blueberry   (Vancouver)

Strain Name: Blueberry (Vancouver; Private Dealer)

Grade: A

Type: Indica Hybrid

Looks: Bright green with some spots of dark blue/purple. DESNE orange hair coverage. Covered in tri’s and upon opening the bud revealed thick production of trichomes. Bag appeal is off the charts. 10/10

Smell: very sweet. Opening the bud releases a tropical/tangy burst, faint blueberry/fruit smell. grinding produces an unmistakle incredible sweet bouqet of blueberry. 10/10

Taste: bong; Inhale: Hashy, earthy. Qutie smooth. Exhale; Sweet, fruity, hashy. Palette aftertaste of sweet blueberry. Excellent in a joint, smoke is very not thick. 8.5/10 (could be sweeter on the inhale but overall very good)

Effects: Quick Cerebral heady buzz behind the eyes. Body stone is strong, but not heavy. Overall: Strong head high very concentrated behind the eyes, time and thinking slow a great deal with this strain. Recommended personal or small group use. Not very social.

Potency: 9.5/10 Extremley potent, This will sit someone down who tries to smoke more than a moderate amount. Very strong head buzz and severe couchlock will probably happen.

Reviewed by: ANON

Good Strain For:Relaxing, night time use, Glaucoma, Chilling/movies or entertainment.

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Strain Type: Hybrid, Indica

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